Best 4th of July Deal Yet! Rustic Inn 1lb for just $19.99

Plenty of things to do in Palm Beach County this weekend with Independence Day right around the corner!

Monday 4th of July, Rustic Inn is having one of the best specials in town. Rustic Inn is located in the soul of Jupiter, right on the Jupiter Inlet. Not to mention the lighthouse is in open sight, so while your sitting on Rustic’s fantastic open deck you can enjoy the salty air, waterfront views, and views of the famous Lighthouse.

You can experience the taste of  a local brewing company, Tequesta Brewing company aka TBC, and Twisted Trunk for $3 Pints!

While your sipping on some delicious drinks Rustic Inn is offering:

$19.99 for 1 pound of Dungeness or Blue Crab with two beers of TBS or Twisted Trunk. 

$19.99 1 pound of Old Bay spice or Key West Shrimp and 2 beers from TBC or Twisted Trunk

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We wish you a fun and safe holiday weekend!