The BlueWater Spa at Admirals Cove

BlueWater Spa at Admirals Cove

We all know Admirals Cove is a very fine and luxurious community in Jupiter, Florida but did you know they have their very own spa? Yes, that is right. It is called the BlueWater Spa and it is right at your fingertips. The BlueWater Spa is not just your typical spa. The treatments are customized to your preference and with each ingredient being mostly organic and collected from around the world to “awaken your inner-being”. You can find these ingredients in facials, wraps, scrubs, and much more. Admirals Cove BlueWater Spa has the most divine features of treatment using different elements of earth, the human touch, and language.  The Club at Admirals Cove knows you can not have a spa without massage and skin care. They provide these wellness benefits that will improve your body, relieve stress, and encourage relaxation. The Admirals Cove staff of estheticians provides services focused on prevention, anti-aging, beauty, and relaxation. The Spa and Salon offer a great place to shop for the latest in spa fashion, skincare products, home goods, jewelry and boutique gift items.  Available to Admiral Cove members and outside guests, the two shops are conveniently located at the entrance of the Spa and the Salon.